spring cleaningYour home is not only the place where you spend your time or where you feel protected and comfortable: a home is your living space, your little world. It's necessary that you keep your own domestic "world" the best way possible… obviously, this will help you have an organized space where you can find your things without getting lost in a wild jungle of objects!

Moreover, organized spaces help you become more productive because your entire living space "invites" you to think in a rational and efficient way. As you can see, decluttering your home, room by room, results to be a winning strategy to improve your lifestyle!

Practical Room-By-Room Tips

  • The first space that you have to declutter is your home's entrance: this is a crucial space because it's where you generally leave your jackets, bags and other accessories. And because you are often in a hurry, as a result, your entrance looks like a sort of… jungle!
    Now, it's time to get rid of all those things and objects… buy some boxes, then use them to put specific things or accessories (for example, a box for hats, a box for bags, and so on). An extra tip for you: use labels for each box, so you won't get the wrong box next time that you have to put or take an accessory! Storage is a fundamental goal to achieve if you really want to declutter a room.

  • The bathroom is for some people the most important place… By the way, the longer people stay in a place, the more cluttered the place becomes. It's because we all tend to put things in random places because we want to have them all within" easy reach", so we avoid giving our objects a proper home. 
    Organization is the key to success to make your bathroom a completely new and comfortable place! Store fewer items, throw away items that you don't use anymore, eliminate all useless things to have more free space to manage your important items. Hang bath and hand towels: this will give you more space inside your bathroom, which contributes to a sensation of "air to breathe".

  • At first sight, all kitchens might look clean but… the truth is that everywhere in a kitchen there are still many small, sometimes almost invisible, traces of fried oil or sausage. Use appropriate cleaners to get rid of all that dirt, then move on to declutter your kitchen tools. Buy some jars and label them: they will help you store small ingredients in a more rational way (for example, sugar, salt, coffee, etc.). Place your jars in a row on the main table where you prepare your meals: this way, you will easily have the right ingredients at the right moment.
    Another golden tip is to try to store foods according to their features (for example, put different types of pasta in the same place; vegetables should also be placed in the same box in the fridge and so on).before and after decluttering

  • Let's come to your bedroom, now. We know, it's your private space, where all objects show your view of life, your tastes, and style. But the bedroom is also where you get dressed and where you might often forget clothes on the bed or on a chair. Over time this transforms your bedroom into a mess!
    The first goal is to re-organize your wardrobe: do you think there's enough space for all of your clothes? Throw away old clothes that you don't want to wear anymore, you will gain much more space for the clothes that you actually use the most. Then, take similar clothes, fold them and store them all together. When you are in a hurry, you will immediately know where to look in your wardrobe to find the right clothes at the right time.

Make Your Home A Safer Place!

When it comes to spring decluttering and organization becomes essential to everyone. However, a perfect home should not only be a clean and clear place to live in, but it should also be a safe place.

In order to upgrade your home safety conditions, check your door locks and window locks: if you see that they are old or damaged, call a qualified residential locksmith to have them replaced. Keep in mind that you can avoid top common emergency locksmith service by scheduling regular maintenance of your home's main components, like doors, windows, electric and gas system.

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