How many times have you thought that your home needs some extra care and attention? Well, if your answer is that you would really like to give your home a totally renewed look, go ahead reading our article: you will find a bunch of original and creative ways that you can learn to get finally rid of dust and clutter.

The idea of living in a home which is basically very plain, uncluttered and definitely not full of all those items and stuff that we normally see in our home sounds irresistible to many people. The bottom line is that the fewer items you have, the less to clean!

Get Ready To Declutter Your Home Today!

The first concept to introduce is that you will really succeed in your decluttering venture only if you have some fun with it – that’s why we want to propose to you something cool. From what most successful homeowners tell, you can easily declutter your home as long as you learn to do that in a funny and happy way. So, we want to offer you these creative ways to declutter your home starting from today:

  1. Stay always motivated when cleaning your home: you can find your motivation in different ways, according to your personality or your daily tasks. For instance, you can give yourself 10 minutes to clean floors: see if you can win the challenge!

  2. Don’t be in a hurry when cleaning home! Take all the necessary time to clean all the rooms. In this regard, it’s convenient to prepare a plan and schedule your daily cleaning – just a few minutes per day will be sufficient to get rid of years of dust and clutter!

  3. Prepare trash bags for when you will decide to finally throw away all those useless things in your home. We all have useless things to get rid of… today may be the right time to get started! Make sure to work on one room at a time, so you won’t stress yourself too much.

  4. Put your hands into your wardrobe and select the clothes that you don’t like anymore: take some time to dress and undress and get your own “fashion show” started in front of a mirror. You will feel like a star while deciding what clothes look better on you and what clothes are to be thrown away.declutter old items

  5. If you think that you have so many useless things to eliminate from your life, prepare a list and choose 10 items to donate, 10 items to throw away, 10 items that you can recycle and so on.

  6. Before to start to declutter a room, take a picture of it and then a picture of what it looks like after your decluttering phase: it’s useful to detect what needs to be changed. By the way, use your imagination to find the most efficient way to declutter stuff.

  7. Buy some boxes to put your stuff and label them. Then, place the box under your bed or in a corner of the room where they don’t create any new clutter.

  8. Probably, your old door locks need some care, too. You can request professional locksmiths to install new technology door locks for your internal home doors. See here if you can find something that suits your needs. Keep in mind that new door locks are essential to upgrade your home security level, as well.

new door locksThings To Avoid When Decluttering Your Home

So, we’ve talked about how to declutter and get rid of useless stuff at home. It’s time now to know that you don’t have to do to effectively get rid of all that old clutter in your rooms.

  1. First of all, forget about buying new things, unless you already threw away or donated a few old stuff. It’s nonsense to buy over and over without to make sure that you enough space to place the new stuff!

  2. Never set aside an entire day to declutter your home! Take it easy, take your time and plan a little decluttering per day.

  3. Don’t skip tasks: make sure to complete each task of your decluttering plan before to move to the next task.

Today you can find specific furniture for small apartments: maybe you will find interesting solutions to adopt in your home, as well. Important thing is to use good cleaning products, a Hepa vacuum and all of your patience!

It’s going to be sort of hard job, but we are sure that you will like your new decluttered home!

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