What clients are saying:

Leslie Green is a powerhouse of energy with a fantastic Eye for organizing space. She’s very easy to work with, very fun to work with, she has a great sense of humor and makes the process all that more enjoyable! No matter how big or small the job Leslie get really gets in there and assesses what your needs are, she works with you to find out what your individual needs are to understand what you need the space for and what you use the space for. She WILL make you throw out some of your junk! But she does it in the sweetest, funniest and best way possible! She’s very sensitive to emotional attachment but brings up valid points on how to re-purpose or incorporate these “things” in a decluttered fashion!

I also like the fact that she repurposes items in your home for storage instead of having you buy a bunch of new boxes or storage containers, she works with every budget. At times when she’s helped me with projects, I’ve reused containers that I already had, But other times I’ve decided to buy new and we worked with those, so she’s really great that way as well.

Leslie Green provides “therapy” so to speak, for decluttered living. I can tell you that I still fall back on things that she taught me regarding organization to this day! My house is far from being perfect, however I still apply many of the Organization tricks that Leslie taught me. She is a joy and a blessing in my life!   – Kimberly Martinez


I thank God for Leslie Green!
She is a no nonsense, deeply caring, lots of fun, honest, bundle of energy all wrapped up in a cute little package of an organizer!  She honestly changed my life.  Everyday that we worked on my mess she kept me focused; and no matter how many hours she was here, she tied my loose ends together before she left.  She’s a great listener and I have found that if you present her with your desired outcome…and obey, she can make it happen!  I am also so thankful for the organizing techniques that she taught me so that I can maintain my organization and be free to do the things I love!  If you are looking for a true professional with the gift of organization and integrity, Leslie Green is your gal!  Thank you LG…you make a difference.  – Perri Robinette King Ranch, Kingsville, TX

Leslie is a seasoned organizer with a keen understanding of what her clients need. She is definitely a go-getter and keeps her clients on track. She is as personable as she is talented. So if you find yourself in need of a professional organizer, Leslie is your girl!!!   – Janna Roberts

Where do I start? Leslie did a wonderful job on staging and handling our sale. I couldn’t have asked for better. She took charge – and she did a great job. But that’s not all. She has done a terrific job on organizing my personal office. We’re not through yet. I recommend her for both opportunities. She takes all the work out of your hands. Thanks Leslie!  – Shirley E.

I have long aspired to tackle my many years of accumulated stuff and I have tons of to-do lists to prove it. Dealing  with paper and sentimental items are my downfall.I very much like the thought of being better organized in order to minimize my work and control clutter so there’s more time for enjoying life.

Although I am a bit of a side tracker (ok ….a big time side tracker) and still a work in progress, the time I have spent working with Leslie Green “The Clutter Queen” has been very productive and just what I needed to motivate and teach me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have very much enjoyed Leslie’s honesty and her down to earth, tell it like it is, style of getting things done. I am looking forward to continuing the process and reaching my goal. Thanks Leslie!  – Jaki Hausman

Leslie helped me tackle a big job that I was completely overwhelmed with. We took things step-by-step, which made it much less daunting. I have been able to clear out spaces that were cluttered with junk and make room for new things that we really wanted. The best part is… I can now find things that, previously, would have taken me hours to find. That is, if I was ever able to find it. Also, we were able to save money because we could see how much of something we had instead of buying another because we wouldn’t see it. For instance; I think we found about 12 cans of Ranch Style Beans in my pantry. This item was also on the grocery list for that week and we obviously didn’t need it! Overall, the organizing adventure with Leslie has been well worth the time, money and effort. The general life-style at home has improved as an extension of Leslie’s wonderful services! It was also great to work with a fun and caring person… Never a dull moment! Thank you Clutter Queen! For saving me money, time and SANITY!   – Sherry S.

Prior to the Clutter Queen, I felt overwhelmed and could never find anything in my home office.  This was so unmotivating!  But now, I am motivated to work on the entire house. It’s refreshing!  – Marie D.

Leslie Green “The Clutter Queen” is nothing less than a miracle worker.  After my daughters grew up and married, I STILL couldn’t find the courage to attack their little girl rooms that were filled to the brim with school papers, artwork, every letter ever written home from camp , every picture of them ever taken (dumped in a box of course) and every single scrap of high school and college memorabilia.  Leslie took me by the hand, gave me courage to face the “monster” and forced me to stay focused.  She even gave me homework assignments and then followed up on me to see how I was doing.  I don’t how she did it, but somehow along the way, she even made it fun!  I am thrilled and relieved with the results!  – Chris K.

As a professional broadcaster who is expected to have tons of information available to the listening audience you can imagine what my home space looked like. Books, papers, boxes, file folders, etc. And it spilled into every part of my home. My wife was in despair. Then we read about the Clutter Queen. She visited and in less than two initial visits we discovered we had a door leading to our backyard. (We couldn’t see it for the boxes of documents which she helped me discover I no longer needed.) Thank you Clutter Queen. My wife won’t let me leave you.  – Bob J.

What a wonderful feeling to have piles and piles and piles of papers, toys, and stuff sorted and put away!  Thank you so very much for all your patience and expertise. You’re worth every single penny!  Looking forward to working with you again when we attack the pantry. 

 – Angela S.

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