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Leslie Green calls herself the “Clutter Queen.” The Corpus Christi mom helps others de-clutter there homes, but also handles more serious situations, like hoarding.

She says the challenge is helping hoarders break the emotional ties with their clutter.

But for smaller tasks, she says baby steps are key.

The professional organizer started out by helping friends, then eventually saw a larger need in the community. For the past ten years, Green has helped people clean out their closets, organize their garages and pantries and sometimes entire homes.

Spring Cleaning: by Leslie Green the Clutter Queen

Have your piles taken on a life of their own? Does your bedroom look like Hurricane Katrina went through it? Do you remember when you could actually walk into your walk-in closet or park your car in the garage? Are you late again because you can’t find your keys, cell phone or wallet? Does the idea of cleaning it up and organizing it seem daunting and overwhelming to you Washington Capital Group company? Well, you’re not alone!

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