We all know time is important, at least in theory. However, we seem to only truly understand just how essential time is when we cannot afford to spend as much of it as we would like with our family and friends, or doing the things we love to do. To most people, time is money. To others, time is more important than money. We can always get more money, but we can never get back lost time. Time is truly a limited resource that cannot be borrowed, stored, or ordered online. We can't find it on the shelves of stores and we are only responsible for using the 24 hours in a day as smart and efficient as possible. Sometimes, deciding exactly how to allocate our time in the best way possible sends many of us into a long state of contemplation and analysis. Is it more important to go jogging early in the morning than it is to eat breakfast? Play a computer game before going to bed or catch up on some work? Complete a work task in your lunch break or actually go get some food into your system?

By adopting the right approach to time management, you should work a lot more efficiently and enjoy more spare time for fun activities. More play, less work. This should be your ultimate goal for a sane and happy existence that will transport you beyond the zombie-like life you used to live.

To come to your help here are five of the smartest and most successful time management guidelines to follow.

Tip #time management1: Clearly Define Your Goals

Decide upon the things that are truly important to you: family, friends, love life, starting up a family, spending more time in the outdoors, developing a certain skill, adopting a new hobby and the list goes on. Maybe you are more involved in getting better engaged in work-related activities that can actually support your overall business goals, especially if you are an entrepreneur or an employee looking to push your boundaries and get a promotion.

These activities can be long and short-term and they can be spread into various smaller tasks, milestones and goals that are easier to follow. Keep in mind everything else that is not part of your list of goals should be disregarded for the moment. They will only waste your precious time and stop you from achieving your goals on time. Plan your daily schedule in such a way that it allows you to work on those activities that are directly related to the growth of your business or the improvement of your skills.

Tip #3: Learn To Prioritize Activities

Mark your urgent/important activities in your daily planner using red or a similarly eye-catching color that will automatically make you regard it as something highly important. These tasks should be done straight away, given their urgency. Next, mark those tasks that are important, but not urgent using orange or a similar color. You should use your own free will to decide when to complete them. Try to delegate those activities that seem to be urgent, but are not actually that valuable to you. Tasks that have low priority and little importance to you should be done last, at the end of the day.

Make lists with all of these tasks and have at least three important or urgent tasks done during a day. Check each task off the list once you complete it, so you can enjoy the satisfactory feeling of having accomplished something. It should keep you motivated to keep going and start handling the least important tasks.

Tip #3: Take Time For Yourself

Learn to say “no” to projects that do not lead anywhere, or things that can wait or that are less urgent than others. Get plenty of rest with emphasis on quality sleep and work out at least 30 minutes every day. Keep your mind alert by learning how to win money online with the help of fun casino games like the ones you can discover at Australia-Casino.org.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise. An alert mind is a high-functioning mind and one that’s less tolerant of time-wasting activities. While it is advisable to avoid distractions, it is equally important to set some time aside to embrace your favorite activities, whether they are poker or roulette games you like to play on your mobile phone, or fruity/progressive/video slots you can play on your computer while playing your favorite music. Just make sure you do not stop your work tasks to play a video game or join a virtual poker tournament for a nice prize. Your brain needs to relax and unwind, as long as it's not a disruptive activity during the day.

Finally, plan your entire week on Sunday evening and break down all the week's goals into daily chores and tasks. Low-priority activities can be set for Mondays, while more creative tasks can be planned for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Schedule meetings on Thursdays and use Fridays as the perfect days for planning and doing some networking activities.

It's nearly spring time and, either you want it or not, your home needs some extra attention by your side. Spring is that special time of the year where millions of people start to think about "cleaning".

What is actually cleaning? In a home, regardless of how large or old it is, cleaning is a key to success.

Maybe you don't know that spring cleaning is a must-do activity for all allergy sufferers: in fact, spring cleaning helps reduce the amount of bacteria and of dust in your home. But even if you aren't an allergy sufferer your health and quality of life will certainly improve after each cleaning session. Every home has its weak points and the dust is possibly the worst ennemy for our health, not only during the spring time: invisible dust can cause breathing problems over time. That's why the best thing to do is to have a regular home cleaning management plan.

Start To Plan Your Home Spring Cleaning Now!

There are very simple things that you can do in your everyday life and that can repay you with an overall better health condition; the air in your home will turn into freshness and cleanse if you start to plan your home cleaning by following these tips and tricks:

  1. First of all, start with a written schedule of all the works that you have to do in your home to make it cleaner (for instance, throw useless things, move objects or devices from a room to another one, etc.). Identify the rooms that need most work and on those cleaning tasks that you normally skip during daily cleaning.

  2. Declutter your rooms! Decluttering helps to make the space in your rooms more efficient, so that there will plenty of space for everything. Plan a different way to put the objects in your bookcase or in your closets.Spring Cleaning

  3. Clean all of your furniture at home: scientific studies reveal that inhaling dust adds mental stress and makes people easier to feel anxious and nervous about everything when at home.

  4. When you have to clean a corner of your room, make sure that you start from top and end to bottom. There's nothing worst that leaving some dust in a small edge of a cleaned room! Eliminate spidernets from the ceilings, clean your fans and lamps and everything from top of the room downwards the floor.

  5. A hepa vacuum is a great tool to use to make your spring cleaning be more effective. In fact, the hepa vacuum can catch even the smallest particles of dust that you can't see with your eyes.

  6. Another important appliance that you can think to use is a steam cleaner: such appliances are available in different models today. It's an "eco-friendly" tool because it doesn't use any chemical substance while it ensures a perfect cleaning of all surfaces (from pillows to floors).

  7. In a home the most complex rooms to clean up are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Plan to do your spring cleaning in a comfortable way, take even a week to complete it, the important thing is to get started and to use the appropriate tools and cleaning products!

  8. Curtains, rugs and blankets are crucial elements in your home: they can attract as much dust as you can't even imagine! So, clean them up and/or change them with cleaned ones in a regular way. Your lugs will thank you over time.

  9. Spring cleaning can often be a hard work to carry on… that's a universal truth wherever you live in this world! So, plan small bunches of job per day and don't be afraid to take even two weeks to come up with a perfectly cleaned up home!

Organize Your Rooms In An Efficient Way

A most important thing in a home is the way your organize your rooms. You can create new spaces by placing your furniture in a different way, for instance, you can use a bookcase to create a sort of wall inside a room, where you can place a desk and a computer on it.

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