Road Safety And What Drivers Can Do

Cars and trucks of all sizes and brands can be involved in fatal accidents – a sign that something has to be done to improve the security level for drivers as well as for pedestrians.

Although all car brands are working hard in order to provide their latest models with high-tech safety tools, it seems that even the drivers can actually do something to upgrade their car security level.

If a simple car alarm system can help you avoid someone stealing your car, imagine the benefits that can come to you if you buy a GPS car tracker system.

car tracking app

What Is GPS Technology?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology which allows the user to identify a body in the world through a radio-navigation system. GPS technology was invented in the US by the Department of Defense for military purposes. Then, the GPS became available to civilians and it's currently one of the most used technologies to find places or people everywhere in the world: if someone stole your new iPhone and you have a GPS tracking system installed on it, you can easily find it. This is just a simple example of how useful a GPS tracking system is.

Now, let's think about cars and vehicles: would you be able to sleep soundly knowing that your vehicle doesn't have a GPS car tracking system? Or would you feel anxious about vehicle theft? We do know that your answer is that you won't feel that happy to know that if someone steals your car you won't be getting it back…

That's exactly what car tracking systems have been invented for: to allow the car owner or the police to detect the vehicle everywhere on the surface of Earth.

What Can A Car Tracker Detect?GPS system

If you think that positioning is the only goal of all GPS car tracking systems, then you still have so much to learn about this technology – in fact, car tracker apps/software are excellent tools to all drivers to get the following information about the vehicle:

  • Location: as said above, you can know where the vehicle is in real time. The car tracker system is 100% accurated and precise.

  • Speed: usually, all car tracker systems can also detect the vehicle's speed at any given moment. So, if you are involved in a car accident, the car insurance company will know the speed of your vehicle at the moment of the accident – which can turn out to protect you from being guilty.

  • Route track: obviously, a car track system can detect a vehicle's route and progress of a delivery truck, for example. So, the insurance company or the truck delivery company will get to know the route of the vehicle in real time. It's a very smart technology to control and monitor vehicles for professional purposes.

car tracker systemHow Does A Car Tracker Work?

The basic system of all GPS car tracker tools works on a special satellite system: the GPS technology in the car tracker provides satellite signals that are processed by a receiver, which elaborates timing, location, speed, directions of a given vehicle.

A very smart feature of GPS systems for car tracking purposes is that all the data is provided in a clear and comfortable 3D view. Basically, the GPS tracking system uses a simple mathematical concept: the trilateration.

Trilateration is normally divided into two categories, the 2D trilateration, and the 3D trilateration. The GPS system requires only two details to work: the location of the place and the distance between the place and the satellites that are involved in the tracking process.

The tracking system might look a little complicated, but US car locksmiths agree that it's a smart and useful tool to buy for car drivers: it helps when an emergency locksmith service is needed in remote places, for example, in the Texas desert or in other off-road areas where emergency forces might have difficulty finding the car.